The All New Koenigsegg Jesko

Vineeth Mothe
The Jesko makes its automotive debut at the Geneva motor show with its groundbreaking power and aerodynamics.
Earlier this year, Swedish automotive company Koenigsegg teased the world with their groundbreaking hyper car, the Jesko. The ultimate street-legal, track-focused car (a variant of the Jesko) boasts over 1280 horsepower. It can reach astonishing speeds above 330 miles per hour. 

Koenigsegg also announced they installed a revolutionary nine speed double clutch transmission which allows for faster shift rates drastically improving acceleration. They also designed the Jesko with a sleek, narrow-body design and an actively functioning rear wing that provides up to over 1000 kilograms of downforce, combined with a carbon-fibre chassis reducing the weight of the Jesko by nearly 180 pounds.

As the successor to the much auspicious Regera and the Regera RS, the Jesko was highly anticipated. Koenigsegg announced they will start production late 2020 with two cars made a week. Although not official, speculations of pricing are well above 3,000,000 dollars. With only 125 being made worldwide and 80 already sold at the premier, the Jesko is the most anticipated car of 2020.  In late 2021  Koenigsegg announced they will be attempting to break the world speed record for cars taking the crown from Bugatti who's held the record for the past 15 years.


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