Planning Your Class Reunion

Welcome! Your class reunion is approaching, and we want to help you create a memorable weekend. 
Planning a reunion can be rewarding, and sometimes challenging. With this guide and some planning, you can organize a special celebration to mark a milestone with your Barstow classmates.

While we encourage each class to find their own time of year and date to get together, we invite you to consider hosting your reunion in conjunction with our annual Green and White Gala, held on the second Saturday of October. The gala includes dinner, drinks and dancing. We would love to reserve you and your classmates at a table.

Where Do I Start?

Here are the things Barstow can do.

List of 4 items.

  • Provide a Class Contact List

    The list will include emails, home addresses, and phone numbers. We’ll work together to ensure this list is as up-to-date as possible.
  • Host a Gathering on Campus

    Consider a happy hour, coffee or brunch at Barstow. We can provide light refreshments plus take you on a walk-down-memory-lane tour.
  • Create a Digital Invitation

    Once details are decided, we can create a digital invite to use to help promote your reunion, similar to the example shown here.
  • Share Ideas & Suggestions

    We're here to help make sure your reunion is a great success!

Here is what you can do.

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  • Contact the Alumni Office

    Reach out to the Barstow Alumni Office by email at, and let us know you want to start the planning process. Be sure to stay in touch to share updates and details.
  • Name Contact Person & Committee

    Start talking to your classmates, identify a point person, and establish your planning committee.
  • Choose a Time of Year

    Offer options to your classmates and alumni office to find the perfect time of year while avoiding conflict with school events, holidays, weddings and sporting events.
  • Confirm Your Date & Start Planning

    Lock in your date and start brainstorming plans. Consider memorable places for you and your classmates, someone's home, a park, or a restaurant.
  • Promote Your Reunion

    Communicate via email or social media. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram  - and word of mouth - to connect with classmates to drive participation.

Planning Timeline

List of 5 items.

  • 6 months out

    • Contact the alumni office by email at to request a class list.
    • Start connecting with classmates.
    • Create a reunion planning committee.
    • Discuss dates and reunion format.
  • 4 months out

    • Reunion planning committee meets, in person or via Zoom, to brainstorm and establish committee roles.
    • Set dates, events and locations. 
    • Start researching venues, restaurants and caterers.
    • Send a Save the Date email and post to social media using #barstowalumnikc.
    • Check back in with the alumni office and give them an update.
  • 3 months out

    • Finalize details such as times, locations, caterers and costs.
    • Secure venue, make dinner reservations, lock in caterers, etc. 
    • Share details with the alumni office and request a digital invitation.
    • Send a digital invitation via email and post on social media.
    • Start taking guest registrations and keep track of attendance.
  • 1 month out

    • Promote by sending a final email and social media posts using #barstowalumnikc.
    • Communicate progress with the alumni office and how many classmates you anticipate.
    • Take care of the final details — and get ready to have a great time!
  • After the Event

    • Let the alumni office know how the event went, and please share photos. 
    • Write a brief wrap-up, thank guests, and share photos on social media pages. 
    • Don’t forget to post and follow Barstow alumni's social media accounts and engage with the school. #barstowalumnikc