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  • Instructor


    MS & US Debate Assistant Coach, B-Line Instructor

    Lucia Scott teaches B-Line, Advanced Debate, MS Intro to Debate, MS International Studies, and MS Current Events. Debate takes her all over the country with her students most weekends. 

    She attended high school in the Wichita area where she pre-occupied herself with debate and writing. Lucia obtained her degree in Secondary Education (Speech/ Theatre) with a minor in Communication Studies from Kansas State University. She continued to pursue the study of communication at Baylor University where she recieved her Master of Arts last year.
    Lucia believes that every student should be a self-advocate, capable communicators shaping their own futures. She finds that both mass communication settings like B-Line and rhetorical settings like debate prepare students for their future; success in any line of work demands one know how to communicate with others concisely and persuasively.
  • Editors

    Jack Hanson '20 - Content Editor
    Avleen Grewal '20 - Proofreader
    Sam Singleton '20 - Aquisition Editor
    Clarke Prophete '21 - Social Media Coordinator
  • Student Staff

    Louis Christifano '20Alise David '20
    Faizan Khalid '22Vikas Maganti '22
    Charlotte Park '23Amrit Sian '22
    Elliott Simmons '20Ethan Walz '22

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