Global Education Program

Out of the Classroom and Into the World

As a cornerstone of Barstow's world-class education, the school is committed to preparing globally competent students who value interaction with people from diverse backgrounds, employ diplomacy and hone leadership behaviors to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Students develop the skills and dispositions to engage globally, communicate their ideas effectively with diverse audiences and think critically and creatively to translate ideas into actions to benefit a diverse world.

Program Pillars

Students explore all aspects of school life at a partner campus and the surrounding community, experiencing global leadership and developing adaptability to diverse social environments. Home-stays give students the opportunity to immerse in a different culture, understand different lifestyles and new perspectives on global issues, while improving their language skills.

Students participate in a global curriculum that honors various cultures, traditions, histories and religions. Students explore resources and activities that deepen their world understanding.

Service Learning
Service learning engages directly with communities from around the world. Students address real needs and actively work to solve underlying problems, both at home and abroad. Service learning occurs in all divisions.

Travel Beyond the Classroom

For more information about international travel opportunities, contact Global Education Coordinator Ilsy Blachly.

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