Visual Arts

Arts Education at The Barstow School

Art education is as fundamental to personal development as training in mathematics, language and science. Art education enhances the ability to fully experience beauty and art, while deepening one’s understanding of culture and history. It sharpens analytical abilities and nurtures the creativity necessary for innovative thinking and problem solving. The Barstow art program develops skills vital to a child’s full educational development.
Lower School
Lower school students in kindergarten through grade 5 take art class twice a week for 40 minutes, while preschool and prekindergarten students take classes twice a week for a shorter period. The lower school features a gallery of work by all grade levels, and artists visit regularly to work on special projects with students.
Middle and Upper School
In middle and upper school, two-dimensional art classes are offered as electives to students in grades six through twelve. Students in middle school may choose from such classes as General Art, Painting, Black and White Photography and Ceramics. These classes are offered on a semester basis and students may repeat the course for credit and a more challenging curriculum.

Upper school students take Art Fundamentals as a graduation requirement and as a prerequisite for other art classes. After students complete all course work in a specific media, they may take Advanced Drawing and Painting Honors, Photography Honors or Advanced Ceramics Honors.

Students are expected to utilize the principles and elements of design in their projects. Courses are designed to work sequentially and to allow students the opportunity to discover their own creativity.


List of 4 members.

  • Mallory Hilvitz 

    US & MS Art, Fine & Performing Arts Chair
    (816) 277-0349
    William Jewell College - B.A.
    University of Missouri - Kansas City - M.A.
  • Bridget Kukuk 

    LS Art Grades 1 - 5
    (816) 277-0371
    University of Kansas - B.A.E.
  • Lilli Lackey 

    The Barstow School
    MS & US Art
    (816) 277-0424
    University of Kansas - B.A.E.
  • Dana Weber 

    The Barstow School
    LS Early Childhood Art PS-K, PS Creative Movement, LS Physical Ed. K, 2
    University of Kansas - Master of Science

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