Financing and Tuition

2018-2019 Tuition Chart

Click on the link below to view the 2018–2019 Tuition and Fees Schedule.

2018–2019 Tuition and Fees

Additional Tuition Costs

The amounts include lunch, laboratory expenses (Upper School only), school publications, athletic expenses including transportation, course field trips and membership dues for the Barstow Parents’ Association
1. Books and Classroom Supplies
    a. Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten – Approximately $100;
    b. Kindergarten – Grade 5 - Approximately $350;
    c. MS & US costs vary by class, and books are purchased online
2. Special field trips 
    a. Grade 5 to Washington, D.C.-Approximately $1,500
    b. Grade 6 overnight field trip- Approximately $300
    c. Grade 7 overnight field trip - Approximately $300 
    d. Grade 8 to Boston-Approximately $1,400-$1,500
3. Tablet iPad fee - $100 app fee for grades in preschool through grade 8. 
4. Miscellaneous costs (i.e. after-school programs, extended care) or other opportunities that become available during the year.

Automatic Payments with FACTS Management

Enrollment with FACTS Management is Required for all Barstow Families
Barstow families are required to set up a payment plan through FACTS Management Company.  Registration in FACTS is mandatory for all families.  Highlights of using FACTS to administer our tuition/fee program:
  • Sets you up on an automatic payment plan for tuition through bank account ACH withdrawal or credit card payment.
  • Provides email invoices for both tuition and monthly incidental expenses.  Emails sent out for tuition reminders have the subject line “Payment Reminder” and emails sent out for monthly incidental billing have the subject line “Action Required for Barstow School”.
  • Allows you to pay your monthly incidental expenses straight from the email invoice by electronic check and/or credit card using the payment link provided.
  • Allows you to view your student account activity on your FACTS account 24/7.
Click here to get started:

     1.  Create a Username and Password - as a new FACTS account

     2.  Register  - enter your email address, contact info, and online account profile

     3.  Set Up a Payment Plan  

     4.  Select Appropriate School Year
     5.  Select a Payment Plan Schedule – choose Annual, Monthly Payments or Three Payments plan
     6.  Add Student - provide name and grade level of your student
     7.  Enter Payment Details – choose using a Bank Account or Credit Card for automatic tuition payments and provide details; credit card payments are assessed an additional 2.75% surcharge
     8.  Option to Enroll in Auto Pay for Incidental Expenses - if “auto pay” option is chosen, monthly incidental invoices will be automatically processed from the account used for tuition payment 
     9.  Review & Authorize
If you have a question, please contact Marsha Herdliska in the Business Office at 816-277-0305 or email

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