Fast Facts

Fast Facts

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  • Our Students

    • 9:1 Student : Teacher Ratio
    • 70: Percentage of students who reside in Kansas
    • 69: Zipcodes represented
    • 20: Percentage of diverse students
    • 20: Percentage of students receiving need-based aid
    • 63: Average percentage of graduates in the past three years who attended universities outside of Kansas and Missouri
    • 100: Percentage of graduates who attend four-year colleges
  • Our School

    • 40: Campus size in acres
    • 2: Rain gardens on campus
    • 1884: Year of founding
    • 1962: Year Barstow moved to State Line campus
    • Mary Louise Barstow and Ada Brann: Barstow’s founders
    • 1972: First modern co-ed graduating class
  • Our Faculty

    • 62: Total number of faculty
    • 8.5: Average number of years of experience for faculty at Barstow
    • 43: Number of advanced degrees earned by faculty
    • 2: Endowed Chairs
    • 19.4 Average years of teaching experience
  • Field Trips

    We want students to be participants, rather than spectators, in the world around them. From adventures as simple as a preschool day at the pumpkin patch to the study of cultural and environmental issues facing third-world populations in Asia, Barstow field trips are designed to encourage cultural awareness, as well as thought and analysis of the world in which we live.

Recent Field Trips

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  • Eighth Grade

    Early Foundations of American History
    Boston, Mass
  • Fifth Grade

    History and Principals of U.S. Government
    Washington D.C.
  • Fourth Grade

    Missouri Government in Action
    Jefferson City, MO
  • Seventh Grade

    World Poverty Overview- Heifer International Global Village
    Perryville, Ark
  • Sixth Grade

    Hutchinson, Kan
  • Upper School

    Discovering Intellectual Passions and Cultural Awareness
    Vietnam and Cambodia, Costa Rica, France, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, U.K., Scotland, and Peru

The Barstow School

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