Inspired by a visit from illustrator Anthony Jappa, grade 5 artists tried their hand at a new medium this week. They used lines and shapes they already know to draw cartoons and comic book characters.
During his visit to Bridget Kukuk’s class, Jappa emphasized how much time and practice was required to perfect his art. He has been creating comics for twenty years, writes children’s books and is currently working on an animated cartoon involving his original character, Panda Oki. 

Jappa reminded students that the easiest lines and shapes they know how to draw come from the alphabet—and that even took them an average of three months to memorize. Learning to draw and develop a character, Jappa said, will take just as long if not longer. 

"The students were very excited to learn how to draw Batman, Panda Oki and other cartoon characters," Kukuk said. "Jappa encouraged them to share their work in front of the class and to be proud of what they created. He said he believes that being creative is the most important gift you have to give."

Visiting artists introduce students to new and different art forms. Kukuk said while viewing Jappa's process, they gained an appreciation of a working artist's job and a deeper understanding of how characters are developed in comics and eventually into animation.

Jappa's visit enriched the students' study of illustration this semester. They recently created pop art words inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, who was heavily influenced by comics. Their onomotopeia word art is currently on display in the lower school hall gallery. 

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