Price Hall was packed with star power. Poet Maya Angelou, quarterback Len Dawson and activist Carrie Nation came to visit. Astronomer Edwin Hubble stood shoulder to shoulder with slugger George Brett, and Ginger Rogers and Misty Copeland demonstrated their dance moves during the Grade 3 Wax Museum.
Weeks of work culminated in one of the most anticipated events of their school year for these students. The study of famous figures combines history and language arts as they take a deep dive into research, writing and public speaking.
“This is the year when students switch from learning to read, to reading to learn.
They explore how to gather information and put it all together and present it with confidence,” grade 3 teacher Jasmine Mundinger said.
After choosing and learning about a diverse cast of important Missourians and Kansans, students wrote their papers and learned important information about their contributions. On Friday, dressed in character and with lines memorized, they became wax figures ready to perform for dozens of parents and visitors who pushed their buttons. 
Students portrayed politicians, scientists, athletes and performers including Phog Allen, Janelle Monae, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Charles Lindbergh, Marlin Perkins and Jackie Joyner Kersee. 
After this unit, grade 3 students move on to poetry where they continue to work on public speaking, writing and fluency skills that prepare them for grade 4 and beyond.

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