Global Education

As a cornerstone of our world-class education, The Barstow School is committed to preparing globally competent students who value interaction with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, employ diplomacy and hone leadership skills to adapt to a changing world.
Through international partnerships, cultural exchanges and curriculum, students gain a deeper understanding of global citizenship. We take them out of the classroom and into the world — virtually and in-person, when possible.

Developing Global Citizens

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  • Curriculum

    Barstow students study world languages and cultures beginning in kindergarten. From lower school through grade 12, students explore geography and social studies to build an understanding of how people live and interact around the world. Their understanding grows through literature, art and history courses that embrace global perspectives and honor culture, history, tradition and religion.
  • Travel and Virtual Exchanges

    Students in middle and upper school explore new countries when they travel to our partner campuses. During home-stays, they experience a different culture, hear new perspectives on global issues and improve language skills. Each trip offers additional instruction in history, art, science and other subjects. Students from partner schools also visit Barstow several times each year.

    When in-person travel is not possible, students enjoy letter exchanges, virtual meet-ups and shared lessons in science, language and literature with classmates around the world.
  • Service Learning

    Through service learning during their travels, students engage directly with their host communities to address real needs and actively work to solve issues at home and abroad.

Global Scholars

Barstow is excited to announce the Global Scholars designation, an exciting addition to our Global Education program.

A Global Scholar is an upper school student who has demonstrated a strong interest in international affairs, cultures and citizenship by successfully completing a specified curriculum and engaging in co-curricular activities which foster a heightened global competence. The Global Scholars designation will be entered on the student transcript upon completion of all requirements.

Global Scholars Requirements

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  • Community Service

    Students complete a global cross-cultural service project involving at least 10 hours of work connected to a global community or issue. Students must present a project proposal to the program director before initiating work and must submit a summary report upon completion. This project may include pre- or post-travel service.
  • International Travel

    Students must participate in 10-15 days of international field work with Barstow’s partner institutions to deepen their learning in fields related to education, community service and world language.
  • Co-curricular and other school-sponsored activity

    Students seeking the Global Scholar designation should demonstrate interest in global citizenship through active participation and leadership in a minimum of three of the following activities:
    • Host an international student for a short-term visit.
    • Be a campus host for a visiting student.
    • Make a presentation to the school about your global experience.
    • Bring a global experience to a middle or lower school classroom.
  • Final Project

    Students must present a reflection or portfolio at the end of the experience.
    The Global Scholars designation will be entered on the student transcript upon completion of all requirements. Requirements must be completed by January of the student’s senior year.

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